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We own jewellery shops in Hosur, Kolar, Malur and Tumakuru.

[rt_accordion][rt_accordion_content title=”Best Prices Guaranteed”]Our aim is to sell jewellery at the best possible prices as compared to other online and offline jewellery retailers. By eliminating the middlemen and skipping the process of sourcing diamonds and other raw materials from agents, we procure our materials directly from the source and large wholesalers, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.[/rt_accordion_content][rt_accordion_content title=”Returns and Exchange”]We ensure, you are confident about your purchase, we have an exclusive Easy Returns and Exchange Policy, which gives you enough time to be in no doubt that you have made the right decision of buying jewellery.[/rt_accordion_content][rt_accordion_content title=”Jewellery Makeover”]Jewellery Makeover Service lets you decipher what style and design of jewellery really complements your face structure, skin tone and personality. Our Jewellery Makeover Consultant would be happy to guide you through the jewellery trends and various options available at your disposal and help you choose styles and designs that would be perfect for you.[/rt_accordion_content][rt_accordion_content title=”Stunning creations”]Our in-house artists, designers and jewellery experts can turn your ideas into reality – pieces of jewels you could cherish forever![/rt_accordion_content][rt_accordion_content title=”Is the jewellery certified?”]Every piece of jewellery is BIS hallmarked and certified by renowned laboratories in India. All our partner brands are committed to deal only in genuine products, which are 100% certified from third party laboratories.[/rt_accordion_content][/rt_accordion]

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